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Welcome to the File Room

Welcome to the File Room, where public records and other important documents are stored.

Documents will be stored in hard copy whenever possible; otherwise, links will be provided to the original source.

Know of any other documents that should be added?  Need something researched, located or copied here for safekeeping?  Email me at, and I will do my best to get you the documents you want.

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  • Ad Valorem Tax Notice (2011) Livingston Parish Government
  • Appellate Court Decisions affecting Livingston Parish
    • 2010 CA 1202 Decision Appeal - Ruling that a lawsuit brought by a debris removal subcontractor against IED and the parish for payment for services rendered should be dismissed as premature because (a) the contract between the parties provided that payment would be made only on eligible work, and (b) FEMA had not yet classified the work done by the subcontractor as eligible for reimbursement, thus making the payments not yet owed and due.
    • 2006 CA 0301 Decision Appeal - Ruling that the plaintiff’s suit against the parish, objecting to the validity of a $300 document transaction fee for recording deeds, should be dismissed because the plaintiff did not follow the procedures for timely and properly objecting to the tax.
  • Attorney General Opinions affecting Livingston Parish
    • AG Opinion 10-0219 - Under La. Civ. Code. art. 3003, the Livingston Parish School Board, as an agent tax collector, is required to provide the Livingston Parish Gravity Drainage District No. 5 with the individual names of individual businesses and the amount of sales and use taxes collected by such businesses.
    • AG Opinion 09-0222 - La. R.S. 15:304 contemplates that the parish in which the offense charged is committed is responsible for expenses associated with the arrest of persons accused or convicted of the crime. Therefore, expenses incurred by the Town of Walker for the arrest and transport to Livingston Parish jail facilities of persons accused of crimes committed in Livingston Parish, which are not within the jurisdiction of the Mayor’s Court in Walker, Louisiana, may be recoverable from Livingston Parish pursuant to the broad language of La. R.S. 15:304.
    • AG Opinion 09-0164 - Ward 2 Recreation District in Livingston Parish may transfer funds to the Livingston Parish School Board to help construct new athletic facilities for Live Oak High School, which is also located in Ward 2, as long as it is able to effectively demonstrate that it has a reasonable expectation of receiving a benefit at least equivalent to the amount expended or transferred.
    • AG Opinion 09-0112 - The Livingston Parish Council may not use tax proceeds dedicated “to construct, acquire, extend, expand, improve, maintain, and operate roads, bridges, and related road drainage throughout the Parish” in order to pay for the removal of debris from major drainage canals and ditches located within the Parish, but which are not adjacent to roads.
    • AG Opinion 09-0107 - The Livingston Parish President is not bound to implement the operating budget amendments purportedly adopted in Sections 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 of Livingston Parish Ordinance 09-06 or the transfer of appropriations within the OEP fund related to the OEP Director’s Salary contained in Section 4 of that ordinance. However, given the conflicting rulings between the First and Fourth Circuit Courts of Appeal regarding the interpretation of La. R.S. 39:1310, we are unable to provide a definitive answer as to whether the president is bound to implement the reduction of appropriations contained in Section 3 of Livingston Parish Ordinance 09-06 or the elimination of transfers of appropriations between funds as set forth in Sections 4 and 5 of that ordinance.
    • AG Opinion 08-0339 - It is the opinion of this office that it is not permissible for the Parish Council to use tax proceeds dedicated “to construct, acquire, extend, expand, improve, maintain, and operate roads, bridges, and related road drainage throughout the Parish” in order to pay for the paving of public property used solely as a parking lot and which has no integral connexity to a public road, bridge or related road drainage.
    • AG Opinion 08-0287 - The tax proceeds levied by the Livingston Parish Fire Protection District No. 1 must be used exclusively for the purposes set forth in the tax proposition. The proceeds of an ad valorem tax approved by the electorate on April 2, 2005 must be used exclusively for the operation and maintenance of the fire protection facilities and equipment of the Livingston Parish Fire Protection District No. 1. Because the tax proposition is silent with regard to emergency medical service facilities or equipment, the tax proceeds may not be used to pay for training personnel to provide those emergency medical response services authorized by La. R.S. 40:1501(A)(2), or to pay for emergency medical response equipment and supplies. However, the property tax may be used by the governing authority of the District to train firemen to provide emergency, medical, life-saving services necessitated by, and incidental to, a fire or fire prevention, pursuant to La. R.S. 40:1500(B).
    • AG Opinion 08-0236 - Purely local funds are excluded from the requirements of La. R.S. 48:755. Further, prioritization of parish road projects is a condition on the receipt and use of only Parish Transportation Fund monies appropriated by the legislature and distributed by the state, not purely local funds. Nevertheless, parish governing authorities must approve all expenditures as a whole, regardless of the funding source, as a part of the overall budgetary process. In considering proposed expenditures for road projects funded by purely local funds, parish governing authorities are guided by La. R.S. 33:1236(2)(a), in which they are granted the power “to regulate the proportion and direction, the making and repairing of the roads, bridges, causeways, dykes, dams, levees and highways when, in the opinion of the police jury, such work will further the best interests of the parish and the parish road system.”
    • AG Opinion 08-0155 - While the dual officeholding laws do not prohibit a parish employee from running for or holding the office of justice of the peace, this elected official is subject to the Code of Judicial Conduct; further guidance from the Judiciary Commission is appropriate.
    • AG Opinion 08-0034 - Pursuant to R.S. 32:681(C), the use of the word “shall” mandates that the coroner extract bodily substance samples necessary for toxicology screening in traffic fatality scene investigations.
    • AG Opinion 07-0207 - R.S. 33:4566 authorizes recreation districts to use the proceeds from special maintenance taxes for the purpose of purchasing or constructing land, buildings, equipment and other facilities.
    • AG Opinion 07-0154 - The Gravity Drainage District No. 1 of the Parish of Livingston (“Drainage District”) may enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Juban Crossing Community Development District (“Development District”) and the Parish of Livingston, whereby the Drainage District agrees to pledge the proceeds of its 0.5% sales and use tax within the Development District to secure bonds issued by the Development District to finance certain drainage improvements within the Development District.
    • AG Opinion 07-0115 - Dual officeholding laws do not prohibit justice of the peace from holding part-time employment as municipal police officer.
    • AG Opinion 07-0085 - Gravity drainage district has the authority to enter private property to maintain a drainage ditch. Gravity drainage district cannot violate private property owner’s right to due process, i.e., the district must provide just compensation to the landowner for any damage sustained due to the burden imposed on the landowner’s property.
    • AG Opinion 07-0049 - An elected alderman is prohibited from also holding the full-time position of deputy sheriff, unless the alderman’s municipality has a population of two thousand five hundred or less.
    • AG Opinion 07-0016 - It is the court’s job to determine what is the “primary purpose” of the business and whether the sale of food is “only incidental” as contemplated by the Louisiana Smoke-free Air Act. Under the new Louisiana Smoke-free Air Act, the Denham Springs Fire District 5 may not smoke in the bay area of the fire department building. Also, under the facts presented, the Livingston Parish Literacy and Technology Center may not allow smoking in the Technology Center’s building or other parts of the campus. Private clubs are not exempt under the new Louisiana Smokefree Air Act.
  • Baton Rouge Loop
  • Budget Summary (2011) Livingston Parish Government
  • Campaign finance reports – Candidates are listed alphabetically, and the reports are listed reverse chronologically.  NOTE: If you’re looking for a candidate not listed here, make sure you search both the Campaign Finance Portal (which includes full reports for E-filers; nothing for candidates who did not file electronically) and the Scanned Images Database (which includes full reports for non-electronic filers and summaries only for e-filers). *LAST UPDATED 11-16-11*
    • Livingston Parish Council District 1
    • Livingston Parish Council District 2
    • Livingston Parish Council District 6
    • Livingston Parish Council District 9
      • Civil Service Rules
      • Code of Ordinances
      • Comprehensive Master Plan
      • Council Districts – 2011 reapportionment
      • Debris, Hurricane Gustav
      • Ethics Commission Opinions affecting Livingston Parish
        • Ethics Op 2011-728 - Discussing the propriety of Alvin Fairburn & Associates maintaining contracts with the parish while Layton Ricks runs for Livingston Parish President; whether he may sign contracts with the parish; stating his intention to resign should he win the seat.
        • Ethics Op 2009-924 - Discussing whether members of the Livingston Parish Council may participate in or sign the road standards improvement petition.
        • Ethics Op 2009-908 - Discussing whether Brian Fairburn, former director of the parish’s Office of Emergency Preparedness and current employee with Alvin Fairburn & Associates, may participate in AFA projects for the parish, specifically the debris cleanup monitoring work; discussing the period of time he must abstain from participating in any projects AFA undertakes for the parish.
        • Ethics Op 2007-044 - Discussing whether the son of a Livingston Parish Council member may be employed directly by the parish or indirectly through a parish contractor to perform work for the parish.
      • Home Rule Charter
      • Juban Crossing
        •  Site Plan (Creekstone / Jim Wilson & Associates / CMH Architects: Nov. 20, 2006)
        • Juban Crossing (more detailed site plan)
        • Juban Crossing Construction Phases
      • Robert’s Rules of Order (official website where the book may be ordered)

          Know of any other documents that should be added?  Need something researched, located or copied here for safekeeping?  Email me at, and I will do my best to get you the documents you want.

          A special thank you to Heidi Rogers Kinchen> Heidi designed the file room and previously hosted it on the website

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