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My name is Earl Price and I created this website to inform all citizens of Livingston Parish to what Is going on with their council members.

Several years ago I started keeping up with the news about the council paving peoples driveway with our Road tax monies. At first I thought that the media had to be blowing this out of proportion so decided to attend a council meeting. I pulled up to the court house and saw other people waiting so I joined them. We were all waiting for the doors to open so we could attend the meeting. I didn’t have any idea who the people were and they seemed friendly. We all soon realized that we were all on the wrong end of the courthouse and hurried to the other end and only missed the first five minutes of the meeting.  Since that day I have only missed a small handful of meetings. What I have learned from the meetings is that these councilmen will do whatever they want to. Sometimes I would leave meeting in shock as they continued to take roads into the system that were nothing more than driveways. Election time was nearing and I my councilman was one of the ones who supported taking in the private drives. There was a candidate in my district who I felt would bring great change to the parish. He was promising to bring roads up to state standards before paving them. He promised to not be part of the Good Ole Boy system. His name was Don Wheat and I wanted him to be elected. My family contributed to Dons Campaign and helped pay for Don’s mail out that contained a letter from my father Richard Price endorsing Don Wheat. I believe that it was our help that led to Don’s victory so imagine how shocked we were when he voted in support of bringing substandard roads into the system.

My next step was an initiative ordinance which Scott Jones and I did together. Scott was the leader and organizer. He would find different businesses that would let us collect signatures at their establishments. He was able to find so many volunteers that were willing to give up their weekends in the hopes of creating better government for the parish. We gave it our all for sixty days last summer and collected over ten thousand signatures. Most people will never know the sacrifice that Scott and I made that summer. I personally stayed at home while my family went on a cruise without me. It would not have been right for me to go off on a vacation while people were volunteering their time for Scott and me.

The petition was a success and on day number sixty we headed to the council office to turn in the notarized signatures. We were greeted by citizens holding up thank you signs and the media. We did not receive a warm welcome from the council staff. We could not get them to give us a receipt for our petitions. It wasn’t too long before Don Wheat and Jimmie McCoy arrived at the council office. Don stated that the petitions were now public records and he was going to start calling the names on the petition and get the people to remove their names. After a brief showdown the signatures were sealed and sent to the Registrar of Voters and certified. That day I knew that I would have to do something more to bring awareness to the public about what really goes on within the council.

I wanted to have a website that would show the people a list of the roads paved each year and the cost of each one. I wanted this site to have pictures of the roads so the citizens could come to their own conclusions. I wanted a page that showed what they promised us when they were running for office. The website has grown to so much more. I try to update the citizens to everything that concerns the council. My goal is to not be biased and report only the truth. Sometimes this is so hard to do after attending a meeting and my news updates show my frustration.

Sometimes I may get behind with updates but I will get them. This is my first website and I have had to learn as I go.

You may have heard that the council wants to shut down this website. Mr. McCoy told the chairman to “Shut him down. Burn his computer. Whatever it takes shut him down!!” I plan on fighting the council to the end to preserve my website. If the council would succeed the site will be moved to .They will not silence this website. I will keep the citizens of this parish abreast to news concerning the parish council


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This site is dedicated to promoting good honest government by exposing corruption, and keeping the citizens of Livingston Parish abreast of their councilman's actions. We as citizens of this parish need to remain informed of what is going on in Livingston Parish. If our councilmen are doing a great job then we need to tell them so, likewise when they are not doing a great job. They will do as they please if we do not hold them accountable. The councilmen need feedback from their constituents to guide them in the right direction. Without feedback a councilman may not realize that he or she is supporting something that their constituents disagree with. Many councilmen may form their opinions based on the wants and desires of other elected officials.

If an owner of a corporation never attended any meetings where his officers made financial decisions, his company would fail. These councilmen are no different, they work for the citizens of Livingston Parish.

With the use of this web site we intend to help keep you informed of the councils actions good or bad. We intend to remind you of your councilman's campaign promises and whether or not he or she has tried to fulfill those promises. You will be shocked at how many campaign promises have been forgotten. Promises are often forgotten when someone runs for office for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately some use this office for  a stepping stone to a higher position, some to feed their hunger for power. If you keep up with this website over the next year you will know which ones those are.

We hope that this site will be a tool for citizens of Livingston Parish at election time. We will tell you what each councilmen has stood for and against during their term.

If you would like to receive news alerts send you email address to

If this is your first time to the site please check out the Forum and the Council News page

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