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Tax Funded Driveways



Believe it or not in this parish you can have your private driveway paved by the parish government all the way up to your carport. All you have to do is ask your councilman to have the parish take your driveway into the parish maintenance system. That's all you have to do it's that easy. The Council will be sure to do this by resolution instead of by ordinance so your Parish President can't veto it. We believe this is a violation of our Home Rule Charter but until their attorney tells them different they will continue to do so. The council has already paved hundreds of these drives in all areas around the parish. Several councilmen have stated that they intend on paving every gravel road in their districts. We will show you that the majority of these roads are actually private driveways. These same councilmen have also stated that the people who have gravel drives pay taxes and deserve to have their drives paved. They do not realize that a citizen would have to spend three to four million dollars to generate enough money to pay for a driveway several hundred feet long to be paved.

When these councilmen  introduce a drive to be paved at the Council meetings it will amaze you what their reasoning is for the request is. It usually starts out with "I'm worried that if an ambulance has to go down this driveway it may get stuck". Another is "this person can't afford to pave their driveway and if we don't help them they will never have a paved drive". These excuses do not justify the parish paying to pave your driveway. The parish's responsibility stops where your driveway meets the parish roadway. Every citizen of this parish has the responsibility to construct their own driveway. The road tax that we approved was never meant to be a welfare system that pays for individuals who want their driveway paved. Some of these drives go directly up to garages and carports and there are others worse than that.

We will go even further and show you pasture land that had gravel a drive built by the parish government so a developer could sell houses along the drive. The parish went even further and paved the road with asphalt.

There will soon be a detailed list on this site that will show you drives all around the parish that were paid for with your tax dollars. This list will include driveway lengths, widths and the total cost for paving them and whose district each one of them are in. On this page you will also be able to view pictures of these drives and decide for your self whether the drive is public or private. That is a embarrassment to our parish.

Recently at a council meeting a councilman Cindy Wale was asked by a resident to please pave her driveway. This resident continues to ask the council to pave her drive yearly. Cindy Wale told the resident that the she could not support paving a private gravel drive while there are major roadways in her district that are in dire need of repair. Another councilman Jimmy McCoy was angered by this decision and assured the resident that when the parish lets the next contract out to pave roads he will personally have her drive on the top of his list. He will place a road in another district on his list out of spite for his fellow councilman Cindy Wale.

Click the link below to see a list of the roads and parking lots that were paved under the last paving contract. We have taken every precaution to insure it's accuracy. If you have reason to believe the content is inaccurate email the corrected information to

We will soon have videos of the roads after the paving was completed. We will also be adding more pictures so look for the blue hyperlinks.

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